The Baydream Co[mmunity] Story

Hello, welcome, I am glad to see you here. The Baydream Community would appreciate your help to grow, so please take the time to read my story and consider making a contribution below. Thank you.

My name is Nathan Cranston, this is Baydream Co. If you have managed to navigate your way here by following the story so far on youtube and instagram then you probably already know that! However, if you haven’t been following, I will try my best to summarise who I am and what the brand is here. The story begins with the work I have completed to date, and it ends with us collaborating in community to enable a circular economy to thrive, but before I get to the part where you come in let me tell you a bit about my journey so far.


I was born and raised in Ireland - Northern Ireland to be specific. I have formed a deep love and passion for this beautiful island of ours. I chose to study in Belfast where I gained skills in the creative fields of art, design, technology and media at secondary level. I then built upon this foundation of skills by going on to study design at the Belfast School of Art, starting with interior design. However, after a year of study I realised that I had a passion for visual communication, thus resulting in a transfer to a graphic design and illustration course. After six years of studying at a further education level, naturally you would expect to walk away with some sort of honorary degree, however for me it didn't quite end up that way. Instead, I have incurred all of the debt, made a lot sacrifices, laughed, cried, bled, gained an associate bachelors degree, but most importantly, through all of the ups and downs I decided to start my own business.


For the past number of years I have been working on a project, known to family and friends as 'the studio project'. Recently, I have taken some time to create branding to give the project an identity and personality that I hope you can relate to. I have documented some aspects of the creative process involved in bringing the brand identity into fruition. If you would like up to date information on this, I regularly update various streams of communication- mainly instagram and youtube. However, if you are not active on these platforms I have embedded the content here on this website.


It is hard for me to pin point exactly what sparked the idea to start my own business. I feel it was more of an accumulation of events that all seemed to come together logically for me. Through growing up on the shore of Strangford Lough, I have always had a love of water, (and growing up in Ireland I am sure this won’t come as a surprise as we are surrounded by it). This love of the water inevitably led me to surfing. Once I discovered surfing, I soon fell in love with the culture that surrounds it and I found new ways to identify with certain brands though owning, wearing, surfing and skating their gear. This identity started to blend with my skills as an artist and I began dreaming up my own designs for clothing, boards and brand concepts. I kept these dreams in the back of my mind and got on with my daily life, believing they were unachievable. But as I researched and gained more experience I found it harder to suppress these dreams. One day I happened to be in the right place at the right time, where I had the opportunity to purchase equipment that would enable me to turn some of these dreams and ideas into a reality. So naturally, I jumped at the opportunity. From that day on I have rolled up my sleeves and set my heart on making my dream a reality.


I have gained some knowledge and developed skills though the whole process so far. Initially I expected everything to happen overnight, which couldn’t be further from reality! The more work that I completed, somehow I kept finding more things to be done. This has taught me to embrace the journey it has become and to think about the long game. Through this, I have learnt to be patient and trust that somehow it will work out. I have also learnt to adapt to different environments, especially while carrying out work on building the studio. A motto that I have always tried to stick to in all of my thinking and doing is ‘keep it true, keep it real’, by sticking to this mind set I aim to keep the integrity of what I am trying to achieve in tact.


While I have been working on different aspects of the business I have thought in depth about the whole process of business life and any products that would come out of it. This thinking led me to considering the sustainability of not only the consequential actions of the business that I create, but also my personal actions. My personal actions have been reasonably easy to address, and I have made more conscious efforts when choosing where to shop and how much to buy. I have also made a conscious effort to change my mindset from always wanting the newest and latest things to working with what I have, fixing things and recycling, thus leading me to consume less and create more. I have also learnt that not only material items can have a lasting impact on our world, but the food we eat can also be very damaging to our society both physically and mentally. For this reason, I have been consuming foods that do not contain any animal products for over a year now, which has subsequently made a huge difference in the sustainability of my personal actions. If you would like me to share more on vegan lifestyle and my personal sustainability efforts please let me know, but you came here for Baydream Co, so lets get back to the point!

DJI_0053 2.jpg

When I started creating a business I initially just wanted to make cool products that I though people would appreciate. Now that I have learnt more about the impacts of different practices, I feel that I should be responsible for the actions of the business I create by thinking up sustainable business principles. I mentioned earlier about forming a deep love for this island- not only is it a beautiful place with amazing people, but it is an incredibly valuable tool for business. If we can keep business to business transactions as local as possible then we can help a circular economy to thrive. So, how is this possible? Well, it’s quite simple really. Rather than ordering the tee shirts that I print on from further afield, I simply choose a supplier based somewhere in Ireland. I understand it might not always be as easy as this, but where possible I will always put local first. Another business model that can be incredibly beneficial for not just business to business transactions, but for just about everybody, is the sharing economy. This is the part where you come in! I would love to collaborate with you to create unique products, to solve problems in our society, or just to have a bit of fun in community. This is why I have spent the past number of years building a studio- it is not just a space for me to run my business in, but it is a space with endless possibilities that I hope to build a community from. Situated on the shore of Strangford Lough, it is a beautiful tranquil spot to retreat to and find inspiration amongst nature, as it offers an escape from the day to day rat race that we often find ourselves enslaved into.


Where are we now? The Baydream Co studio build project has been paused for now as it is currently under review in order to meet council regulations. It will take more time and labour to finish the building process. While the build has been put on hold I have been using my time to create branding and content for Baydream Co, which has included work to this website, content for Youtube and Instagram, and the production of physical prototype products that will soon be available to purchase here on the Baydream Co website.


How can you help? If you like the work that I have been completing to date and would like to support me by making a monetary contribution, you can do so by clicking the contribute button and choosing an amount that you are comfortable with. I would be extremely grateful for this support, as you will be helping to enable me to create more sustainable products and content for the Baydream Co brand and its associates. You will also be playing a part in enabling the studio building to continue, as while labour work is being carried out there is no income being generated- thus leading to an unsustainable business. Alternatively, you can help the community grow by offering physical help, whether it is from repping the brand on a teeshirt, to offering some of your time to help in the building or production processes. If you would like to get involved in any way, please make use the contact form below and let me know what aspect you would like to be involved in. if you are an artist from Ireland I would love to hear from you, let me know in the contact tab what type of work you do and we can talk about how we can collaborate on some exciting projects. Lets start to build the Baydream Community together. Peace out, keep it true and keep it real.

Thank you for your time,

Nathan Cranston