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Welcome To Baydream Co.

"Hello, Welcome to Baydream Co. I hope you enjoy what you find here. My name is Nathan Cranston, I am an artist from Northern Ireland. My work is multidisciplinary, you can find it spread across various platforms. I aim to bring it together here to tell a story and collaborate with a wider community of likeminded people through Baydream Co[mmunity]."


"Keeping It True & Keeping It Real" 

Baydream Co. is based on community, offering an alternate pace, unsubscribing from the conceived norms of society. The goal is to consume less and create more, living more simply in harmony with our environment. With a firm belief of keeping it true and keeping it real. Just Baydreaming... 




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Film making has always fascinated me, I have attempted to create movies and videos in the past, but nothing really ever amounted from it. Now I am starting to tell the story of my journey through all of the different creative ventures I embark on.




Just Baydreaming...