Logo Development: Series Three, Elements


This week I have been testing some different concepts in my logo design. I have been having a bit of fun sketching and then turning the sketches into vectors using adobe illustratior. With the concepts that I created I made a three image series, where I explored some of the individual elements that inspire me the most. The biggest motivator for me is nature, and so three elements that I chose to explore were sun, sea and trees. With the finished logo in mind, I think it is important that it will represent my personality, the Baydream Co. brand vision, and the landscape in which the story is taking place. With all of this in mind, I created the 'Rising Sun'. This seems to be a recurring theme for me, and I get a lot of happiness from the sun and the light it creates as it rises and sets. At the front of the Baydream Co. studio the sun can be seen rising over Ardmillan bay each morning. The palm tree was created mainly because it provides a pillar of maturity that helps the studio settle into its surroundings. If you are not sure what I mean by this, you can check out my feed on instagram where you will find a photograph of the studio build- to the right just in-front of the studio there is a well established palm tree which I refer to. I also love the tropical vibe that it provides all year long. Last but not least, I created a wave. The wave pays tribute to where the Baydream story began; with surfing and skateboarding. From the first moment I stepped on a board I have been fascinated with surfing, skating and the whole culture surrounding them. Thus, sparking the initial idea to start a screen printing business, where I would design and print my own boards. From that initial spark the idea has progressed and developed, but the roots remain firmly intact. With my three image series completed I uploaded them to Instagram. Along with the three images, I also created a short vertical video clip gives a behind-the-scenes look at the development process involved in making each element. There is further development needed, but for now I am going to let these ideas brew.

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