Wild Atlantic Way, DayTwenty One:

We woke up and had a lovely hot shower, and played with the Huskies for a while before leaving Gareth and Aisling’s house. We started to make our way to Malin head. Aisling recommended a route for us to take which was the coastal route, which took us up to viewpoint overlooking five fingers strand, where we stopped for breakfast. Then we went on around the coast to Malin head, which looked almost exactly the same as when we were here the last time, although they have now invested in public toilets. We then drove to the ferry in Greencastle while discussing our future plans and ideas the whole morning. When on the north coast, we drove to White Rocks beach and went for a small walk, but the heavens opened right as we got back to the van so we abandoned the idea of going in the sea. We decided to head home and get our dogs as we were missing them, and surprisingly the drive was nothing in comparison to some we had done on our trip. Once home, we decided to stay here for the night and planned to bring the dogs back to the north coast tomorrow. We made dinner in the van and showed my family our photographs before going to bed. The next day we woke up early and got everything we needed packed into the van, and headed off for the North coast with all three dogs.

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