Wild Atlantic Way, Day Nineteen:

This morning we had our breakfast and then got coffee in Shells Café on the beachfront. Soon agfter this, we packed up the van and left Strand Hill. Our first stop of the day was Glenncarr waterfall which was accessed by driving through a picturesque valley, surrounded by water and fields with sheep grazing. It was a short walk to the waterfall, which looked like something from Indiana Jones with all of the vines hanging from moss covered trees that emerged from the rock face of the waterfall. We had a lunch here, which was veggie burgers. Quite a lot of people showed interest in the van while we were parked here, and one guy asked us to take a photograph of him in the van! After this we drove to Mullaghmore, which was very quiet. The beach here was small compared to Strand Hill but it had a lot of charm. We kept on driving up the coast to Bundoran, thinking we were going to be in for a pretty beach, however, it seemed to be quite run down and wasn't really what we expected at all. We decided we didn’t feel very safe parking the van here, so we kept moving on up the coast to Donegal where we spent the night in the quay car park. We had a curry for dinner as we stocked up on food in Supervalu on our way here. After dinner we went for a walk around Donegal town and then back to the van to get an early night.

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