Wild Atlantic Way, Day Thirteen:

Today we woke up from a first night of stealth camping at around 7 AM and moved the van back to a where we parked yesterday for our walk to the cliffs, and then fell back asleep for a couple of hours. We finally ourselves up and had breakfast and then drove into Doolin in search of toilets- we found a tourist information office, so we went in and made it look as if we were searching for information! It was quite a dull and overcast day and so we couldn't see a lot of the scenery, so instead we went to Doolin Caves, which were about 15 minutes outside of Doolin. Neither of us had heard much about the caves before and so we didn’t really have any expectations of what it was going to be like. When we got there, the next tour of the cave was in an hour and 30 minutes, so while we waited we drove to see the limestone rocks north of Doolin. On the way there, we lost our wing mirror to a tour bus, but thankfully it was only slightly cracked so Nathan picked it up and stuck it back on and we continued on our way. We stopped on the coast and took some photographs of the landscape, and then drove back to do our tour of the caves. We enjoyed this although we could barely understand what the tour guide was saying as he spoke very fast with a strong Irish accent! During the tour we saw the third largest stalactite in the northern hemisphere, which looked amazing. When the tour was over we started driving to Galway. When we arrived, we went to leisure land to use the shower facilities and made a plan for the evening. We decided to stay in Galway for the night, so we went to Harbour Street to park up for the night. This cost seven euros until 10 AM, which is amazing for parking so close to the city centre. We decided to treat ourselves to dinner, and so we found an authentic Thai restaurant very close to where we parked. We had spring rolls, green curry with tofu and penang curry with tofu. The food was really tasty and had the curry spot we had been craving! After dinner we went to a bar, but it didn’t have live music so we finished up our drinks and then went on search of a bar that did have live music. We ended up going to the Quays which didn’t look like much from the street but actually turned out to be huge when we got inside. While we were here we ended up bumping into two friendly American couples, who we spent the rest of the night with chatting and having a bit of craic. We left the bar around 1 AM and headed back to our van. Thankfully, we had put the bed out before we left the van for dinner so when we got back we were able to get straight into bed- luxury!

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