Wild Atlantic Way, Day Sixteen:

We left the harbour early this morning just in case we would get a ticket, and drove to an empty car park in Westport Manor House, which we found last night while skating. We had breakfast here and decided on a route north. We drove for about an hour and 30 minutes to Achill Island, which was accessible by land. Here we drove about 20 minutes west further onto the island arriving at Keel Beach, which was right beside a campsite. However, we drove on down to the beach car park where we found a few other camper vans parked. We ate at our lunch here and then spent the afternoon surfing. The waves were a bit smaller today so we just took the foam board into the sea with us. We both really enjoyed having a bit of craic on the smaller waves, alongside some of the surf schools. When we got out of the water and dried off we went for a skate along the beach road which was nice and smooth. By the time we got back to the van it was 7 PM so we made a delicious dinner, consisting of soy sausages, potatoes and a bean, garlic and onion mix. We ate our dinner by the beach, while enjoying a few beers, and a small fire loaded with peat. We were feeling pretty tired tonight, so we got into bed early and watched an episode of the long way round before going to sleep.

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