Wild Atlantic Way, Day Fifteen:

This morning we left Clifden via the sky Road. We both agreed as we drove through the landscape that it looked quite similar to Strangford Lough in some respects and that we could see ourselves living there. We saw Omey island, which is an island accessed only by a sandbar which was reveals itself at low tide. This was a very nice, quiet, picturesque area. We then headed for Connemara National Park, where we had our lunch and then went for a hike. In the park there are three trails which are colour-coded, we did the longest trail which followed the red arrows. This was a steep but relatively short climb to the top of Diamond Hill. There was a lot of moist air and clouds forming at the top, so it was difficult to see the surrounding views. This created a very different atmosphere and it was actually very quiet and peaceful. The walk took about two hours and 30 minutes, and on the way back we walked the nature trail, which was full of greenery, streams and waterfalls. We left Connemara around 5:30 PM and began driving towards Westport. This was a beautiful drive through fjords and mountainous countryside. Upon arriving in Westport, we drove around the town for a while and then drove to the harbour where we cooked dinner, which was vegetable spaghetti bolognese. After dinner we went out skateboarding around Westport Manor House grounds- the asphalt cycle trails made for some smooth skating. There were lots of other camper vans parked at the harbour, so we decided to spend the night here too.

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