Wild Atlantic Way, Day Three:

Today we got up around 7:45 and left the campsite almost immediately so that we could go to old head for breakfast. We boiled the kettle and poured our cereal, before walking towards the cliff edge overlooking old head golf course, where we decided to sit while we ate our breakfast. It was a beautiful spot with the sea crashing over the rocks below us, so we took our time and soaked it all in. After breakfast we drove towards seven heads peninsula. This was a beautiful drive through the small towns of Timoleague and Courtmacsheny. Green rolling hills filled the countryside until we reached a small dirt road which took us towards the sea. It was so quiet and peaceful, so we decided to stay here for a few hours. The water was crystal clear and looked so inviting, until we jumped in and discovered it was pretty cold, although with the sun beating down on us we soon acclimatised! It was really refreshing. After a swim in the bay, we had our lunch and enjoyed the peaceful scenery. Whilst we relaxed, we discussed where we would stay for the night. Earlier on the drive to our location we spotted some other vans and motorhomes parked of the road in a little beach car park so we agreed we would try our first night of wild camping. As this was going to be our first wild camping experience, I thought I should document it, so I started recording a new video. We then left and headed back to Garretstown, where we stealthily made use of our shower tokens from the campsite we stayed at. Then we took a drive into Kinsale as we were in search of some speciality coffee for Nathan’s aero press, but we were unsuccessful, and bought chips instead! It was now 6 PM so we drove the van to where we decided to spend the night. This was was a small beach inbetween Garretstown and Timoleague and we felt comfortable here as there were other camper vans parked up for the night. We had barbecued veggie burgers with some home-grown potatoes for dinner, along with a few beers. We spent the evening relaxing by the fire while we planned a route for tomorrow.